us airways, Some tips to go to Madrid

Some tips to go to Madrid, us airways

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city in central Spain that has many sights. It is amazing to have art galleries and a team of outstanding footballers, as well as a nightlife that is unparalleled anywhere else in Europe. Madrid is a large city with many great buildings that stand compared to the best architectural design anywhere else on the continent. As well as the many things you can explore in Madrid.

With its sunny summer, it is a magnet for travelers seeking a relaxing holiday, but the capital of the country and the largest city of Madrid has no place to linger about. Whether exploring the world of art museums in the city, one gazes at the architectural masterpieces while sipping milk at the sidewalk cafe or fun all night in pubs and canapes along Gran Via.

The most important tourist places in Madrid 

Museum of Reina Sofia: us airways

The Nacional de Arte Centro Rina Sofia is designed as a modern supplement to the historic Prado Museum. It was officially opened by Queen Sofia in 1992. Originally built as a hospital, the museum was expanded in 2005 with a structure designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. The Rina Sofia Museum is home to a wide range of works created by Spanish artists, including wide collections of works by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. The masterpiece of Picasso, Grenica, which is transported from the scourge of World War II, is alone worthy of acceptance.

Mercado de San Miguel:us airways

Located within walking distance of Plaza Mayor, Mercado de San Miguel is a popular shopping destination for local andAppetizing food. In the intricate architecture of cast iron features glass walls that display products ranging from salted fish and oysters to fresh pasta and cakes. Because the market stays open late at 2:00 on the weekend, so it became a popular nightly visit for visitors and locals to enjoy drinks, appetizers or appetizers. It also hosts events such as concerts and cooking classes.

Temple of Debod: us airways

The Temple of Debod is one of the most unusual tourist attractions in Parque Del Oeste, close to the Royal Palace Park and the Temple of Isis of Egypt. Spain intervened to help Egypt build a great dam from Aswan which meant many historical monuments. In gratitude, the Egyptian government granted the Temple of Debod to Spain in 1968. The old building was excavated for four years with A with lower inscriptions depicting the gods Amun and Isis.

Plaza de Sibeles: us airways

One of the most beautiful squares in Madrid’s Plaza de Sibelis is surrounded by many buildings constructed in neo-classical style, including the spectacular Palacio de Sibeles, formerly known as the Palacio de Comunicaciones, which was designed by architect Antonio Palacios. In the center of the square of the statue which is also considered a symbol of the city: the Fuente de la Sibelis. There is a magnificent fountain depicting the Roman goddess on a cart drawn by the lions. It is also carved from purple marble by Francisco Gutierrez and Roberto Michel in 1780, and the fountain is a source of inland water for neighboring houses.

Puerta Del Sol: us airways

Located in the center of Madrid, Puerta Del Sol, or “Bab al-Shams”, it is at a crossroads where thousands gather every night on New Year’s Day to welcome the New Year. Recent improvements to the yard have limited traffic and the arena has become a place for visitors to stroll around and admire architectural wonders. In the middle of this New Year’s clock in Casa de Corus, there is a government headquarters in the city. The bear statue and the strawberry tree stand on one side of the Puerta Del Sol symbol of Madrid.

Gran Via Street: us airways

Gran Via is known as the Broadway of Madrid because it is “the street that does not sleep” and the Grand Avenue that runs through the center of Madrid from Plaza de Espana to Cali de Alcala. Although the street now appears to be an integral part of the bustling capital, it is in fact a relatively recent addition to the city. Completed in 1910, lined in Gran Via with hundreds of shops, restaurants and businesses. The most famous building on the street is the Telefonica building, which was the tallest building in Europe when it was completed in 1929. The clock at the top of the American Baroque style building is a local landmark.

Retiro Park: us airways

Known as the Parque Del Buen Retiro or Retiro, a park spread over 350 acres of gardens, fountains and buildings located on the edge of the city center. Retiro Park began as a monastery in 1500. It was then enlarged into the Royal Garden when Philip II moved to his court to Madrid in 1561. It has been part of the public domain since 1868. The favorite place for tourists and locals alike, the park has a large artificial pond where people can rent boats and boats. The structure of the columns to bend on the east shore is a monument to Alfonso XII. Zen Paseo de la Argentina, known as a walking statue, with statues of the royal palace depicting the Spanish kings throughout the ages.

Prado Museum: us airways

The Prado Museum is one of Madrid’s most popular tourist attractions. The 18th century architecture, designed by architect Juan de Villanova, is one of the world’s finest collections of art. The 2007 expansion has made the Museum the most popular for mobility. With more than 7,000 works of art representing culture and history from the 12th century until the early 19th century, however, it is impossible to see everything in one visit. Visitors may wish to focus on the museum’s collection of Spanish artists, including Goya, Greco, Ribera da and Velázquez, one of the best-known collections of Spanish paintings in the world.

Real Palace: us airways

Real Palace, which is the official residence of the Spanish royal family. This palace is located in Pailin Avenue, Palacio Real Madrid is one of the most important tourist attractions. This is the place that contains many outstanding art galleries. Buildings ranging from medieval to modern, with neo-classical, Gothic and baroque style here. The palace is open to the public, only when used for official occasions.

Madrid: Tips to travel to the capital of Spanish tourism

If you are one of those who dream of visiting the Spanish capital as a manager or planning a trip to the city, which is characterized by the beauty of nature and the touches of history and the bustle of life, you must have many questions about the language and people and daily transactions. 
In the following lines we will try to provide some answers to some of the first questions such as the time of visit, the usual gifts, and transportation and daily transactions.Madrid is the capital of the Kingdom of Spain and the largest city with a population of 3.2 million and according to the census of 2011, which is the largest cities of the European Union after London and Berlin and the headquarters of the government and the royal family and many universities and institutes, which is one of the most important cities Aruba is strategically, culturally, economically and tourism.

When do you go to Madrid?

Temperatures in Madrid are falling during the winter, approaching zero, and in the summer, temperatures rise to 42 degrees Celsius. Spring and autumn are ideal times for visiting Madrid, especially in May and October. August is almost a holiday for the city. Mountains and the coasts of the White Sea or the Atlantic Ocean and many of the restaurants and shops to close their doors. 
If you want your visit to coincide with the holidays, the most important is New Year’s Day on January 1st, the Day of the Three Kings on January 6, Labor Day on May 1, the Festival de la Comandade de Madrid on May 2, the Madrid Festival in mid-May and the National Day of Spain. October 12 and a large group of concerts.

Speaking in Spanish or English?

You can speak in English at airports, hotels and tourist places, as well as restaurants, most of which offer menus in English and sometimes other languages. Instructions are also written in metro stations in English. It is always better to know before you travel keywords such as thanks and please use the dictionary Travelers or applications available for smartphones.

How do I move in Madrid?

Madrid is easily accessible from various cities around the world and the main airport is Madrid Barajas International Airport. It is 13 km from the city center. It is possible to get to and from the airport via metro, trains, taxis and buses. Within Madrid there are various types of transport such as Metro, the best and largest underground rail systems in Aruba, public buses running almost all day, double-decker buses that accompany tourists on a city tour, bicycles and white taxis with a sign Red and the emblem of the city of Madrid and a green sign indicating its immortality in addition to the possibility of renting cars.  
If you want to rent a car in Madrid, it is necessary to obtain the international license before traveling. It should be used next to the local license. The car rental offices request the two licenses and the traffic network in Madrid is very complicated especially with lots of traffic jams, maintenance work and parking problems. The best is to provide a map or use geographic positioning systems and learn some useful Spanish terms It is also mentioned that fast driving is characteristic of the streets of Madrid and therefore you have to leave a suitable distance between you and other cars and it is not recommended to drive in the city during the festivals because of the processions and congestion.

Working hours in Madrid:

Shops open in the traditional business hours of 9 am or 10 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm or 9 pm others have begun to implement a more flexible system that allows them to work at lunch hours also.  Banks will operate from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm and will run on Thursday until 5:00.

With Spanish Habits:

One of the most important things that a visitor of any country needs to know is the habits of the people. First, greetings. The portal of social transactions. In Madrid, greetings vary in your relationship with the person you will deal with. In the field of common business, shaking hands with the service provider, whether male or female, is common among Spaniards. Between men and women. 
In terms of appearance, the people of Madrid care about the elegance of their clothes and on working days. Friday is an informal day in the workplace. The workers are allowed to wear informal clothes. Despite the diversity of men’s and women’s clothing, it is unacceptable to wear short trousers in workplaces and gatherings Official. 
And of the Spanish words known internationally Senior and say to Mr. and Siniora for women and it is necessary not to call a person in his first name without titles only if he was younger than you or know very well and the elderly are highly respected in Spanish society.

In the restaurants of Madrid:

Social gatherings are common among friends and colleagues in restaurants in Spain in general. Madrid’s restaurants are diverse and you can order the meal you want and see during cooking as well. Restaurants open from 12 noon to 4 pm for dinner from 8 pm to 12 pm and close between them for rest. Requests are often stopped half an hour before closing. With regard to the payment of the bill, it varies from one region to another, but the basic rule is that the person pay the price of what he has eaten even if he is invited to dinner by others. 
It is fashionable and best anywhere to ask for food as much as needed without increasing and leave a lot of food in the dishes a bad impression for Spaniards also take the Spanish food, especially at home to stand until the host chooses the appropriate seat should also keep your hands visible at Eat and maintain your wrists on the edge of the table and commonly use the fork and knife and you should put these tools in parallel in the dish when you finish the food.


The value of the usual tipping in Madrid restaurants is 5% of the value of what you require and can be up to 10% depending on the quality of service provided to you in hotels and other places of services, there is no specific percentage.


Spain has imposed smoking restrictions since early last year among the most stringent in Aruba and provides for the prohibition of smoking in closed public places such as restaurants, bars, hospitals, playgrounds and schools.

Speak… Interaction

The people of Madrid are generally friendly and courteous to women and men. It is common when one meets a friend to ask about his health and his family at the beginning. Conversations about the family are an important part of the life of the community because of the strength of family relations. Spaniards or prolonged stay Avoid talking about religion or politics, especially the period of civil war because it represents a deep embarrassment to the Spanish people.

If you lose something:

In case of loss of your credit card or theft of your wallet, you should submit a communication at the nearest police station to take the necessary precautions. Insurance companies request this communication when addressing them. Insurance companies also provide free call numbers in case of emergency.

How do you pay?

Currency in Spain is the euro and it is better to exchange currency from your country before your travel and avoid carrying large groups such as the five hundred and two hundred, who fear the owners of the shops of fraud and it is better for you to ask the bank cut paper category of 50 euros and available ATMs and accept The majority of bank cards such as Visa Master Card and others, but prefer to carry a sum of cash money to be used in small shops and in street goods.


There are no taxes for tourists in Spain except VAT on all goods and services, ranging between 7% and 30%. Most shops have free taxi bills, which can be used to refund the tax paid within the price Purchases.
And requires that the tourist to ask the seller about the availability of tax free vouchers and is desirable, especially if the amount is large and then the tourist records some data, such as the name and passport and the goods purchased and the price and the seller delivers the original copy of the buyer and keep a copy of it and at Departure The tourist goes to the designated section at the airport and offers his tax free invoices and is required to exceed the price of 09.15 €  and receive the amount or proof of bank transfer or transfer to credit card.

Gifts from Madrid:

If you visit someone there you have to have a small gift wrapped in a good way. If your host has children, you can give them some small gifts. If you are receiving the gift, open it directly and give it to the person who gave it. 
When it comes time to return to your country and want to buy this for those you love before you leave Madrid, it is best to buy stylish leather goods such as bags, jackets, jewelry and Spanish specialties such as olive oil and candy, as well as traditional clothing and glass and ceramic. 
In general, you can take advantage of the hotel staff, such as the question of babysitters or pharmacies nearby and the night service, which show their names on all pharmacies.

Finding Cheap Flights:

It is not as tough to get cheap flight to Madrid as there is a lot of competition among us airways serving the course. The reality that most people love travelling Madrid has brought about the boom of airways routing to the metropolis and this has, in flip, spurred lots of competition. To get the high-quality in phrases of clients, the airways have a lot of remarkable and attractive gives making it clean for people to get low priced quotes for their vacations.

The weather in Madrid is often dry and warm making it favorable for most tourists particularly those who come from chillier regions of the sector. The city is likewise famed for the spectacular fiestas it hosts in the course of the Holy Week of Easter making the duration the busiest time to visit. To make sure you’re capable of attend the celebrations, you want to make early reservations to keep away from high airfares while almost all of us desires to tour as well.

Madrid sits on a plateau consequently the climate consists of hot summer time months and nights which can be warm and really pleasant to many. The winters, but, may be extraordinarily bloodless. The climate makes most people prefer visiting the region at some point of summer time and presently tickets happen to be costly. To get reasonably-priced tickets, it is first-class to pick to travel during the off season which falls typically in October. Aside from getting low charge tickets, the lodge fees are also very inexpensive as there aren’t many travelers in the town. Even though winter may be bloodless, the cultural existence of the metropolis still flourishes and nonetheless maintains its swing making it viable with a view to have as a whole lot fun as you choice. Skiing lovers will find the season maximum fulfilling.

The primary regulations of having reasonably-priced flights nevertheless stay in reserving early and preparing on your vacation in advance. It is crucial to accumulate all the crucial statistics approximately your vacation spot of preference which will recognize what instances are first-rate to travel and which times you ought to keep away from. Comparing what distinct airlines must offer in phrases of air tickets can save you masses of money which you can then direct in the direction of something else for this reason making your trip very fun and enjoyable.

About us airways : 

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