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Craigslist Athens : Finding Things for sale in Athens

Angelos the Ouzo King of the Plaka

has extra forms of ouzo than probable any keep in Athens. If you need to bring some ouzo domestic and you don’t want to be restricted through the meager selection at the airport then visit his store at one hundred twenty Adrianou street (or somewhere close to there) simply up the street from Byzantino rings.

He also sells all styles of conventional gadgets like herbs, olive oil, vingear, and a variety of Greek wines. Also he is quite pleased with the exceptional raki, tsikoudia, souma and different moonshine-kind nearby liquids which are really ouzo without the anise.

So in case you need to bring lower back something like ouzo for a person and  they don’t like licorice you can pattern whatever Angelo has and optimistically not get so drunk that you cannot decide and must come back the following day and start once more.

Craigslist Athens : Festivals and cultural events of Athens

Greece has a massive sort of cultural activities. Some of the them are held in outdoor regions in summer time while maximum festivals in wintry weather are take place within the live performance corridor of Athens 

Cultural events 

The Greek Festival 

The Greek festival takes vicinity in diverse locations of Athens (Herodes Atticus Theatre and everyday theatres or cultural venues) and also in the historical Theatre of Epidaurus and the Little Theatre of Epidaurus.

It gives a huge range of performances: modern and historic theatre, ballet, opera, jazz and classical tune, dances, symphonic song and remarkable singers and plenty of other unique events. The pageant takes location from early June to late August.

International Jazz and Blue Festival 

The worldwide Jazz and Blues festival takes region in Athens, in June, is welcomed by means of the theatre of Lycabettus.

Lycabettus additionally welcomes each year many different occasions inclusive of song, dances and theatrical performances from the countrywide and global scene.

Rockwave Festival

TheRockwave festival welcomes each summer in Athens worldwide bands and musicians. It takes vicinity in Malakasa, approximately 40 km north of Athens.

International Dancing Festival 

The Athens global Dancing competition goals to find out and promote new abilities in dancing and choreography. It was first prepared in 2003 and because then it’s miles held each yr.

Traditional Dancing Performances 

Each 12 months, from might also to October, the Theatre of Dora Stratou offers performances of conventional Greek dances.

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